The Secret Ingredient that Makes One Restaurant a High Performing Team 

My husband and I like to eat. (ok…there, I said it). We have several local restaurants that are our favorite. One of those is a local diner, Loyola’s. If you recognize this restaurant, it’s because they are famous for being one of the diners featured on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. That’s not whyContinue reading “The Secret Ingredient that Makes One Restaurant a High Performing Team “

Onboarding Journey and the Importance of Employee Engagement

“Hiring is the opportunity to build the future of your organization. Not a problem to be solved. Julie Zuho. The Making of a Manager.  I’m passionate about the topic of onboarding employees. A good onboarding program helps to develop staff to be the best they can be. Some may argue that employees will at someContinue reading “Onboarding Journey and the Importance of Employee Engagement”

How a Trip to Japan Changed my Perceptions around Culturally Inclusive Training.

I don’t think culture occurred to me until my family and I went to Japan in 2015. (I have wanted to visit since. Thanks, Covid). Being exposed to a different culture has opened my eyes to different ways of living. I was intrigued by the way people moved about their day.  Two years after thatContinue reading “How a Trip to Japan Changed my Perceptions around Culturally Inclusive Training.”

Leadership versus Management. What! There’s a Difference?

There is a difference between leadership and management. Oftentimes, managers are thrust into new roles, tasked with leading a team. That new manager may be able to manage a process well, but do they have the skills they need to be an effective leader?  What is a manager anyway? A manager is someone who managesContinue reading “Leadership versus Management. What! There’s a Difference?”

SPECIAL BLOG : Unconscious Bias Interview with FranklinCovey

Last week, I had the opportunity to interview Pamela Fuller with FranklinCovey. Pamela is a thought leader on Unconscious Bias and the Author of The Leader’s Guide to Unconscious Bias. This interview was a part of a series for the Association for Talent Development, New Mexico (ATDNM) a group that I am actively involved in.Continue reading “SPECIAL BLOG : Unconscious Bias Interview with FranklinCovey”

Does your Brain Get in the Way of Change Management?

A conversation with a business associate about the brain had me thinking about how our own minds impact change. Change is constant. So much so, there are countless songs that talk about change: “When it’s Time to Change, You Have to Rearrange.” The Brady Bunch “Times They are a-Changin’” Bob Dylan  “Waiting on the WorldContinue reading “Does your Brain Get in the Way of Change Management?”

Kellie’s Thoughts: Learning and Development in 2020… and Beyond!

Terms I have heard that describe 2020 include:  dumpster fire forgettable  crazy  bad dream These are the “safe for work” terms I can share. There are countless others that are appropriate for after hours.  Many firms had to quickly pivot in March 2020 to accommodate the remote need for learning and corporate training. One firmContinue reading “Kellie’s Thoughts: Learning and Development in 2020… and Beyond!”

How to Grow Long Term Leaders? Avoiding the “One and Done.”

Many of us, myself included have participated in a leadership development program, read a book, or listened to a podcast about leadership. Most of us have left a leadership development program feeling energized and full of new ideas, only to leave those ideas at the door we came through.  I have both taken and beenContinue reading “How to Grow Long Term Leaders? Avoiding the “One and Done.””

Need a mentor? 3 Ways to Find your Professional Match

A supportive mentoring relationship can help a new agent with a budding real estate career flourish with success. The real estate industry is like a complicated relationship, often full of ups, downs and uncharted waters. Mentoring relationships can play a valuable role in the success of new real estate agents navigating the rough seas ofContinue reading “Need a mentor? 3 Ways to Find your Professional Match”

Is Learning to “Communicate Effectively”​ as Easy as it Sounds?

communication [ kuh-myoo-ni-key-shuhn ] Noun the act or process of communicating; fact of being communicated. the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs… (, 2020).  I’m not in the minority when I say that at times, I am a bad communicator. We are humans. Our desire to be heard isContinue reading “Is Learning to “Communicate Effectively”​ as Easy as it Sounds?”