Organization: UNM Anderson School of Management| Education and Professional Center | Career and Professional Development

Project: Delivery Revision: Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) course delivery updates


Implementing course delivery options to accommodate a hybrid or virtual delivery.

Streamline course deliverables including learning objectives, handouts, pre/post test activities, learning activities and virtual (or in-person) study groups to increase engagement and understanding of course materials.

Prepare instructors to deliver content in virtual format as an alternative to in-person delivery.

Project Timeline:

May – June 2020: Needs Analysis

Interviews, unobtrusive measures, and observations were used to collect project data. The purpose was to assess the current course delivery methods and determine if implementing course delivery updates will improve program engagement, learner retention and if online delivery of the course is effective.

June – August 2020: Course Deliverables

Course deliverables included moving course format online. Each week of course delivery was outlined using a lesson plan guide. Each week learners would watch the lecture video before class. In-class activities were created to help with SHRM vocabulary and concepts. The use of the SHRM learning management system was also incorporated into the coursework to allow students the opportunity for asynchronous study. 


Week 2: Lesson Plan

Sample lesson plan


Week 2: “ShrmPardy” Learning Activity

“HR Competency” learning activity using Jeopardy PowerPoint template

September 2020: Evaluation

A formative evaluation of the SHRM Exam Preparation course was conducted to evaluate if student engagement has increased and if the online delivery format has been effective.

October 2020: Reflection

“Kellie not only met our goals, but exceeded them” Michelle A. October 2020

Organization: UNM Organization, Information, Learning Sciences Program, Masters Program

Course: Training Techniques

Project: Program Development: Active Training Techniques for GAAR Continuing Education (CE) Instructors


The training program, Active Training Techniques for GAAR CE Instructors, provides training techniques for both new and seasoned instructors. The course delivery includes active training techniques for effective classroom instruction. The program is designed to be taught over two days with a maximum of 20 learners per class.


Lesson Plan

Sample lesson plan


Class Learning Activity

Sample “Kahoot” facilitation guide

Organization: UNM Organization, Information, Learning Sciences Program, Masters Program

Course: Mentoring Adult Career Development

Project: Investigating the Role that “Context” and “Diversity” Plan in Mentoring Relationships


Increase CreativityPurposeful and Planned
Encourage and discourage stereotypesEncourage cultural and general familiarity (and challenges)
Influences attitudesCan make the relationship both comfortable and uncomfortable


In conjunction with student partners, Ian Drackert, Jessica McMahan, Gaurav Rahen, and Kholod Sendi; we used qualitative research and conducted interviews with various mentors. The group analyzed whether context and diversity play a role in mentoring relationships. The interviews were completed as part of the 2018 UNM Mentoring Institute Conference. Diversity is best leveraged when acknowledged and leveraged based on trust, avoidance of stereotype, and openness to creativity.

Organization: Greater Albuquerque Association of REALTORS|Southwest Multiple Listing Service

Project: Course Development and Facilitation: SWMLS “MLS Rules” Refresher: Data Integrity, Broker Duties and The Code.


The class needed more structure and a means to encourage more participation from learners. Common problems exist between the relationship between data integrity, use of the multiple listing service, broker duties, and the Code of Ethics. This course was developed to help brokers ensure there are systems in place to mitigate data integrity issues.


Sample Presentation

Sample Data Integrity, Broker Duties, The Code presentation


Sample Icebreaker Quiz & Class Activities

“Thank you for leading us through another great session.” Michael C. September 2020

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